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LUNACOL: Ingredients & Facts

13 Nov 2021
LUNACOL:  Ingredients & Facts
Lunasin & Lunacol by Colway

LunaCol – is the first widely available product in Europe and now in United States, that contains lunasin – a unique protein from nature. It brings a new breakthrough and approach in supplementation, being the first known epigenetic food. Proteins that change “genetic destiny”.

To explain what epigenetic food is, it is worth using a vivid example of the life of bee communities. It is well known that each of the individuals living in one swarm play a specific role in it: queen – mother, worker or drone. It is interesting that bee larvae at the beginning of development are always the same and do not have the characteristic features assigned to a given function in the beehive. So what determines their destiny? What determines a specific role in the community? What affects whether the bee will be a living robot for several weeks, or a fertile queen who will live up to five years? Well, this is not recorded in the bee genome, but it is decided by the food that the larvae and pupae consume during the development phase. These unique ingredients contained in royal jelly are a high protein food intended for queens, they cause the larva that is fed to them to become a mother. In contrast, larvae fed with pollen transform into ordinary workers. This phenomenon shows that the selection of food itself radically changes the biological fate of bees, and royal jelly is an extremely valuable epigenetic food. Epigenetic food – is a protein that is able to improve the “biological fate” of the person who eats it. Wanting to understand what is epigenetics, we can imagine that “we were written” genetically a little with a pen, and a little pencil … Writing with a pen, it’s a GENOM – we will not change it. The pencil is EPIGENOM – and we can change it! We cannot change our DNA because we are not bees – but we can, as it turns out,completely “turn off” unhealthy genes and “turn on” healthy genes “.

Epigeneticity of lunasin manifests itself in that although it is not able to change our DNA code, it is systematically provided to the body and positively affects how our DNA expresses itself. Good changes occur in the system thanks to the nutrition of epigenetic food. Results are observed in a relatively short time, they take place at a cellular level and are inherited! This fact means that lunasin is not only supplemented by people who care about their health, but also by couples planning a child.


Lunasin is the first described epigenetic food – which affects human epigenes.

It is the first nutrient, thoroughly scientifically researched, that the claims of American doctors seem to be absolutely valid, that with it we can realistically and measurably affect the condition of our body, and even transfer, obtained by eating lunasin, health benefits to their descendants!

We are what we eat – said Hippocrates.

We are what we absorb – we are talking today, being aware of the complexity of metabolic processes.

If mankind ever learned the substance perfectly defined by these two sentences, it is just lunasin, which really improves the condition of the body. This is due to its excellent bioavailability, because being embedded in the protein complex (albumin 2s), it does not undergo digestion in the stomach. It passes through the intestines, into the blood and then into the cells.

It is not surprising that among the many molecules found on earth, the first described epigenetic food turned out to be a protein that was, after all, the nucleus of evolution. It is on the protein that is part of every cell of our body that the only known life in the Universe is based. Currently, lunasin in the form of a bioactive peptide that really affects positive gene expression is obtained only from soybeans, in which the protein occurs in microscopic quantities. Lunasin, discovered just at the end of the twentieth century, was for many years (especially in Europe) a substance so expensive and hardly available that it was lacking even for laboratories conducting research on the use of the properties of this peptide in medicine. This was caused on one hand by the ignorance of the technology isolating it, and on the other by the American scientists’ extension of the patent claims to the methods of obtaining it.

For several years, lunasin has not been a substance wrapped in a secret or a marketing product, like many proteins in the past, which were advertised commercially as a panacea for everything. About this peptide, very unique in terms of the sequentiality of its amino acids, has already been written thousands of studies, among them many serious scientific papers documenting the results of medical research on lunasin as a drug for cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Many publications describe experiments aiming at finding clinical confirmation for cases of complete recovery of people with serious diseases, which can not be undone, such as eg amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). *

In the world medical literature, hundreds of papers have been written about the inhibition of cancer cell growth and the prevention of cancer metastasis by LUNASIN.

Looking through the prism of extremely important research that is carried out all over the world over lunasin, it is necessary to mention its comprehensive, at the moment documented, properties such as: effective counteracting oxidative stress, or leveling inflammation. It has also been clinically proven that lunasin reduces cholesterol, including LDL. Its effective therapeutic function was patented by American explorers from the University of California at Berkeley – Alfredo Galvez and Benito de Lumen. 

Maybe that’s why they gave lunasin such a beautiful “name”, derived from the Philippine word “lunas” – meaning “heal”.

Healthy people are fascinated in lunasin primarily by the fact that those who systematically supplement it, use the
possibilities of epigenomics and are much less likely to get sick. It is in the epigenome that our right lifestyle choices trigger good gene expression – that is, healthy genes are turned on, and unhealthy turns off, which just recently could only be the subject of science fiction scenarios.

Also in people living epigenetically correctly, the systematic consumption of lunasin, multiplies the health benefits of physical activity, optimal nutrition and supplementation.

Lunasin occurs naturally in the form of a protein complex (albumin, 2s) together with a signal peptide, which in biochemical practice means that even a small amount does not exclude a positive reaction on the receptors of our cells.

Up to now – in American dietary supplements, the only lunasin products available to consumers from all over the world, usually contain no more than the declared 600 ng of pure lunasin in one capsule. The nanogram is a billionth ( 10-9 ) gram.

Attention! In one capsule of LunaCol there are as much as 5 milligrams of 10% active biologically lunasin, which gives 0.5 milligrams of this protein in pure form. It is 833 times (!) more than in the capsule of lunasin products available on the US market.

Lunasin & Lunacol Colway

How is this possible?

COLWAY has the exclusive right to use biologically active lunasin, obtained with the native Polish method, in supplements. Polish lunasin is completely different from the American ones – and at the same time a more efficient way to isolate this unique protein was developed by Filip Porzucek, a graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań and a student of Dr Jan Czarnecki (creator of the thymic TFX preparation).

It is the first of its kind, three-component formulation with lunasin in the composition. In addition to the main ingredient discussed above, it also contains two essential substances in supplementation:


Lysozyme – (muramidase) is one of the basic enzymes for the resistance of mammals and an innate part of our immune system. Its very high concentration contains, for example, mother’s milk, and even greater colostrum, which protects the newborn child from all germs, before it creates its own immune system. This is one of the most valuable substances that can be included in the composition of the dietary supplement, which is also very reasonable, because it is not easy to get lysozyme from what we feed on. It occurs slightly in milk, especially goat milk, unless it was destroyed in the UHT process. We find slightly more muramidasein goat cheese and in egg whites, which, however, if we want to absorb lysozyme from them, it should be eaten raw, because this enzyme dies at a maximum temperature of 70 ⁰C.

Lunasin & Lunacol Colway

It needs to be supplemented long and patiently, because it works very slowly, safely for our body by colonizing the digestive system. The reward is objectively felt and permanent improvement of resistance. “Slow as a turtle, strong as an ox,” says an immunoscientist in a lysozyme, indicating that in the purified state it shows antibacterial activity still at a 1: 7 dilution, and its aseptic potency shows, for example, that 1 ml of muramidase is able to defend a thousand-litre vat of wine against all pathogenic microbes!

Alexander Fleming discovered lysozyme in 1922 – the one, proper to all living organisms which defend mechanisms that support our immune system. From the beginning, it was the isolation and application of this natural enzyme for the very first time. Fleming considered this the most important work of his life, not penicillin that he became famous for.

There are not many dietary supplements available with lysozyme in the world, because the technology of obtaining it in the form of a dimer (molecule). Extremely effective in action also against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and most importantly – synergistic for lunasin, and is very expensive. Here, Polish biotechnologies come to the rescue, thanks to which lysozyme dimers became part of the LunaCol preparation.

Betaglukans – are the most important components of dietary fiber. In the growing awareness of the need to supplement our daily diet with pro-health substances, more and more attention is paid to polysaccharides. In LunaCol, there are no fillers in the capsule, and this role is played by the beta glucans, especially β-glucans weighing 1.3-1.6D. They show, among others stimulating the production of lysozyme by the body.

Lunasin & Lunacol Colway

When our immune system fights naturally with the disease – it uses the following mechanism:

  • it recognizing the presence of microbes
  • it raises its own β-glucans – which particularly forms with a mass of 1.3-1.6 D increase the activity of macrophages.

This causes an immediate explosion of the body lysozyme. In this way, the body adjusts itself to a “defensive” war. The impact of beta – glucans on the immune system, especially on the first line of defense or macrophages, has been proven in numerous global research centers. Beta glucan enhances the action of immune cells, increasing their ability to fight dangerous micro-organisms. It also affects the rate of blood production in the bone marrow. This regular use not only increases the activity but also the number of our blood cells. Beta glucans increase the viscosity of foods by formulating a sticky solution in the stomach. As a result, glucose is absorbed gradually, without causing large fluctuations in blood sugar after a meal. Therefore, β-glucans are recommended for people with diabetes, as well as healthy people – in order to prevent it.

Important information for users: On the subject of LunaCol substances, extensive literature has been developed, indicating their health-promoting properties and giving grounds to perceive the desirability of systematic and constant supplementation with β-glucans, lysozyme and especially lunasin. The selection and proportions of components used in LunaCol are the result of many years of consulting Polish scientists in the field of medicine, including immunology. The product is made of the highest quality ingredients, in the pharmaceutical regime and with the most stringent quality standards. Nevertheless, before increasing the daily doses of the supplement, it is recommended to consult a physician. LunaCol contains only lunasin isolated from organic soy varieties, not genetically modified. Studies have shown that lunasin is in no way responsible for allergic reactions caused by soy products. It also has no effect on the hormonal balance, because it is in no way associated with phytoestrogens. The capsules used in the preparation do not contain dyes and are made of fish gelatin. The product does not contain gluten, preservatives, flavors, fillers or magnesium stearate. Calcium carbonate, used in medicines and dietary supplements, was used as anti-caking agent.

© The name and trademark: LunaCol are protected by law.


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