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AXANTA: Benefits

14 Nov 2021
AXANTA: Benefits
Axanta Colway

It is Astaxanthin which dyes the flesh of salmon and numerous shellfish that consume it as a seaweed and algae, among others: Haematococcus Pluvialis, from which it is extracted by renowned Swedish producer.

Axanta contains Astaxanthin, a specific natural carotenoid which is present in plants and animals.Considered to be unique and exceptionally healthy nourishment. Axanta is a part of our supplementation programme.

Note: As there have not been studies conducted on pregnant women, this product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women without first consulting a doctor. Patients with hypersensitivity should not use the product. The dietary supplement should not be used after the best before date.

AXANTA is produced with the technology and quality required for medicine.

Properties of selected ingredients:

In sport:

  • Neutralising free radicals in energy producing mitochondrial cells
  • Decreasing oxidative damage to your cell membranes and DNA
  • Reducing pain and muscle inflammation [link]
  • Reduces production and storage of lactic acid which reduces muscle soreness and recovery time
  • Improving visual acuity
  • Boost muscle performance [link]
  • Improving endurance and cycling time trial performance [link]
  • Stress Management Support
  • Weight Management Support
  • Increase bioavailability and enhance the assimilation of amino acids.

Cancer and tumour prevention:

Joint health:

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