Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum
Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum
Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum
Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum

Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum

  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: For all skin types, even the most sensitive. Each kit includes 2 vials for peeling and 7 vials for rejuvenation.
  • LIFTING TREATMENT IN 7 DAYS: The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines will be decreased and signs of fatigue will be visibly faded. Your skin will be more radiant, brighter, and refreshed.
  • REJUVENATION: This product is an effective at-home treatment that can improve the appearance of your skin quickly. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and promotes cell regeneration.
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Commercial name: Blue spectrum vials
Net weight: 9 x 0.0715 oz

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If you want a quick fix for improving the condition of your skin, then look no further than our our Best Instant Face Lift Serum, the Blue Diamond Spectrum vials. This innovative treatment acts as a non-invasive instant facelift treatment and is a complete approach that provides peeling to smooth wrinkles and fine lines while also providing a rejuvenation serum to nourish and renew. The nine vials spectrum set ensures an immediate face-lifting effect and after-care protection.

Active Ingredients:
  • GHK-CU: A copper tri-peptide with amazingly strong bioactivity, the quantity of which is up to 1000x’s higher in the ampoules than in blood plasma.

  • KINETIN: A growth factor and DNA activator.

  • THYMOSIN B4: Activates adult stem cells and is one of the strongest antioxidants. A unique and powerful skin tightening & ingredient.

  • LUNASIN: Prevents photoaging

The Blue Spectrum vials is an at-home Spa treatment that works wonders for your skin.

Great reasons to buy from us
  • Face Lifting without Surgery

    After completing one treatment of our Best Instant Face Lift Serum, Blue Diamond Spectrum, the changes in the skin can be compared to the effects achieved in a professional spa or plastic surgery clinic. Perfect treatment before an important event or party where you need to look your absolute best..

    Ampoules can be directly applied to the skin OR added to an existing cream that you're using for additional enrichment.

  • Unisex and All Skin Type

    Product for every skin type and ANY SKIN ISSUE (acne, pigmentation, Rosacea, dilated capillaries, skin inflammation, blackheads, etc.)

    Peeling and serum with multidirectional action in one product.

  • Travel-Friendly

    Light and easy to carry on-the-go spa treatment

  • No-fuss

    Simple application even for the busiest people - just apply before bed.

  • Tons of Satisfied Customers

    Over 1 Million of satisfied customers world wide. Our customers not only delay the aging process but also treat different skin conditions.

  • Parabens and chemical free

    Our products are not tested on animals, paraben, artificial coloring and chemicals free and 90-100% natural. Our products are safe to use by adults and children.

  • 99% Customers see positive results

    Almost 100% customers see positive effects of the products on their skin and body.

Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum

Collagen Instant Face Lift Serum

why our collagen is unique?

CollagenforYou | Natural Collagen online Store

Marine Collagen

The triple helix structure of Colway’s Marine Collagen mimics your body's own collagen to boost your skin's natural ability to strengthen and regenerate itself. Collagen is the key to youthful-looking skin and our Marine Collagen can help you maintain or regain that healthy vitality!

CollagenforYou | Natural Collagen online Store

Transdermal Delivery

Most Collagen products on the market can only offer collagen that stays on the surface of the skin. Colway’s Natural Collagen is "a living protein" that deposits soluble collagen deep into your skin to help build up the scaffolding of your skins cells. This is why our products not only moisturize and strengthen but can also help heal scars

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Get this!

I always make sure I'm stocked with this product because it really makes a difference - especially when I need to look my best for an important occasion. Great product!


I just bought this with a lot of skepticism but it actually works! My skin looks so much better after this treatment! It's incredible!

It works!

I had an important event coming up where I had to look my absolute best so thought I'd try this. I began to apply it a week before. By the day of the event, my skin looked like I came back from a vacation - glowing, smoother, and refreshed. It's now my go-to product when my skin needs rejuvenation - it works!

The product arrived on time

The product arrived on time and I have been using it for about four days now. I am impressed by how quickly the lightening effects have become evident

I absolutely love this product!

I absolutely love this product! I have very sensitive skin and this is fantastic!

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